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We do not rid ourselves of these things
even when we are cured of personal silence
when for no reason one morning
we begin to hear the noise of the world again.
- Carolyn Forche, "City Walk-Up, Winter 1969"

These are always the things everybody hates, right? Nobody likes these games. Or everyone does. Talking about themselves, I mean. That's why there are blogs. I guess I'm no different. I went to college 2000+ miles away from where I came from for a reason. I go to an all womyn's college in California, because sometimes, you have to go the farthest away you can get. I want a book. Not one to read or one to fill up, but one I made. That everyone can read. I don't listen to good music, but the music I do listen to, I do constantly and consistantly. Sometimes I want to be a drag king. Sometimes I want to have long hair. Sometimes I want boots. Sometimes I want birkenstocks. I love Get Fuzzy and cats and dogs and horses. I've been told I'm an introvert, quasi-delusional, minorly psychotic, minorly psychic, a gentle-dreamer-lover, kinky, edgy but cute, and really, really intense. I find that I'm very much a Taurus and don't get along too well with other Tauruses (save for my brother). I like Virgos as a rule. I draw doodles for characters I'm writing about. Or screenplays. Or something. I struggle with politics. I struggle with identity. I love comic books and homemade Chex Mix I really do want you to know what or who I am, but this seems too long anyway. So. I'm queer. I'm a student. I'm young. I write. I'm a woman. I'm a chola. Most of the time, I'm very angry. But catch me at the right moment and I'll be loyal to you forever.

i've got love and anger they come as a pair you may take your chances but buyer beware and i won't make you feel bad if i show you that this big ball of sad isn't worth even filling with air

Does any of this say anything?